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.22 Leagues!

...Bringing back a family tradition


Precision Rifle is proud to announce the that the beginning phases for a .22 League in the Williston North Dakota area has begun. This is the initial plan for the .22 League. The .22 League will be divided into a few different divisions, this includes youth, adult, and bench-rest. As for this article, we will focus on the youth aspect of this program.


The Range

Development and creation for range specifically designed for small caliber firearms. This includes .22, .17 HMR. The range will be located at the Painted Woods Sporting Complex just west of Williston. Painted Woods had been a huge help with our Precision Rifle matches as well as this new journey we are pursuing.



The Youth League will be open to shooters of all ages. This of course will have certain rules depending on the ages of the shooters.

Shooters 12 years and older who currently poses Hunter Safety Certification will be allowed to participate with league activities without a parents or guardian present. Shooters who are under the age of 12 year old we will require the parent or guardian to be present during range activities. This includes training, matches, or other league activities.

The League will be divided into age groups for scoring and matches. The youth league will be open for youth competitors to compete against each other, and eventually against other youth shooters in the State of North Dakota.

ND Precision Rifle is going to offer a rifle loaner program for youth shooters. The program will be offered at a “first come, first serve” basis. The program is deigned to give new shooters very little upfront cost to step into the sport. We are hoping to have approximately 10 complete rifle setups for these shooters. If we are able to achieve more funding through donations this number will grow.

The shooter will be issued a rifle for the league. The rifles will be kept in a secure location when not being used. The shooters will be allowed to use the rifle during matches, training, or if a parent/guardian is present at the range with them. The student will not be allowed to take the rifle home for safety/security reasons.

Our goal is to create a circuit across the State of North Dakota. The goal is to bring a fun, family event to shooting sports enthusiasts across the area and build fundamentals for new shooters.

The League will start in the spring of 2020. This will give us time to build the range, benches, and a complete training / match schedule for the .22 leagues.

The Rifles

ND Precision Rifle .22 Loaner program that will allow up to 10 shooters (at first) to “lease” rifles.
Again we want to be able to provide new shooters with very little up front costs to step into the sport of .22 precision rifle shooting.

If the shooter wants to use their own rifle the only requirement will be that it is .22 LR style rifle that functions properly. The rifles will be fully equipped with a scope, bipod, and magazines. The rifle we will be using is the CZ AT One (pictured above)

I’m very excited to get my two boys into this sport. I’ve taken them out shooting and they enjoy it. Finally something organized is coming to this region for the kids. I’m proud to see the Members of ND Precision Rifle donating their time and effort into progressing the tradition of shooting sports in the area.

Mike Johnson
Shooting Enthusiast












If you’re interesting in helping this adventure please contact Chris with ND Precision Rifle in regards to donations, time, or being a Range Officer for matches and training days.


We would like to thank the community, Painted Woods Sporting Complex and the United Sportsman Foundation for the continued support in our adventure!

Chris Cook
ND Precision Rifle


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