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Minot Border Wars After Action Report

...Small Targets and Pizza


Precision Rifle would like to thank Scott Spear and Ross Schoenwald for Match Directing Minot’s first Border Wars Rifle Competition! We had the opportunity to attend with a group of fantastic shooters from all levels of experience. The match had a great turn out with individuals that we are familiar with and new faces who we can tell have caught the precision rifle bug.

I would also like to thank all the sponsors who donated to these matches, I’ll throw a list of the sponsors in the morning as I’m away from my normal work station. Its always nice for shooters to reach out and thank the sponsors, it helps to keep them donating to these matches when they can!


The Match consisted of 8 stages about half prone and half positional. The targets had a wide range of pigs, buffalo, circles, IPSC, and Tyler’s Spinner. I personally understand why Tyler hated spinners…

I’ll go over the stages again, once I get back to my work station. I’m going to be touching base with Scott and get his opinions on how the match went etc..

We will also be posting the scores as soon as I receive them from the MDs..


A little Pro Tip to everyone to attended the match…

When you are using a kestrel, be sure you don’t accidentally input the TS (target Speed) in the wind category..

I definitely fell victim to not paying attention to my gear. I shot the whole match with a 2 mph mover dialed on my data. I started to doubt myself and became super frustrated. I only discovered the error after the match. Dang..Next time i’ll destroy Ross’s small targets!




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